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One of the most exciting things to do in Hot Springs Village is Pickleball!
The Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club was formed in 2013. The club currently has over 286 members participating in open play, leagues, tournaments and other organized activities.
Games are played at the DeSoto Recreation Area courts located on Desoto Boulevard approximately one mile from the West Gate. The facility consists of fourteen (14) outdoor regulation pickleball courts. LED lighting on the 7 South Courts for nighttime use.
The Club was organized to:
  • Provide members with opportunities for recreational play, training, social activities and competitive events
  • Establish policies for the safe and equitable use of all equipment or facilities owned, utilized or managed by the Club
  • Promote and encourage participation in the sport of pickleball, as well as programs and activities of the Club
  • Serve as a strong advocate for the advancement of the sport of pickleball in the Hot Springs Village community

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