Hot Springs Village Golf Courses

Village property owners' love for golf is fairly obvious, and the demand for quality golf keeps all the courses active with an average of 60,000 rounds per year per course.

Maintaining high standards has paid off for the Village courses.  Every golf course in the Village is meticulously manicured and constantly maintained so that the quality of golf is kept to the highest standards, and keeps many of the courses on the "Tops" list in Arkansas, the mid-South and the nation.


(Cortez Golf Course - left)


HSV Golf Course Comparison Chart

Balboa Golf Course & Country Club 6725 Yards Par 72
Coronado Golf Course 3895 Yards Par 62
Cortez Golf Course 6610 Yards Par 72
DeSoto Golf Course & Country Club 6733 Yards Par 72
Granada Golf Course 7115 Yards Par 72
Isabella Golf Course 7061 Yards Par 72
Magellan Golf Course 6494 Yards Par 72
Ponce De Leon Golf Course 6946 Yards Par 72
Diamante Golf Course & Country Club* 7560 Yards Par 72


* - Private course located within Hot Springs Village